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Newgrounds has become a testing grounds of sorts for shorter / unfinished pieces or things I'm working on for other projects.
If you want to hear THE GOODS <3 please visit my personal fanpage at

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2011-05-23 07:37:56 by ShatterTheSky22

For all the latest music from my project The Silent Rapture, please visit: 2

It will be called "Mind's Eye" by The Silent Rapture.

I hope to have it finished entirely by the summer, and it'll feature vocals on all true songs excluding intros.

Current Achievements

2011-01-03 10:48:26 by ShatterTheSky22

Since the New Year:

1 [Dissonance of Rust] made number 1 in Classical.
2 Forever Lost made number 9 in Classical.
3 Awakened (Vocals) and Veil of Misery (Vocals) made 2 and 3 in Modern Hip-Hop
4 Cosmic Prolapse and Shatter The Sky made 2 and 3 in Industrial
5 Otherworld for Piano (FFX) made number 3 on the front page ALL-TIME.
6 Age of Balarama made 21 and Depths of the Forest made 28 on the front page ALL-TIME.
7 The Penetrating Darkness made 4 in Classical
8 [TETRAGRAMMATON] made 2 in Video Game

I can't even put into words how happy this has made me; like everything I work for is slowly getting recognized. Thank you so much for the support and the criticism and helping me develop better techniques.
Happy New Year.

Current Achievements


2010-12-19 17:19:25 by ShatterTheSky22

So glad it's coming, and New Years.
I need a fresh start and a clean slate.
This year has been too much.

Got some new ideas and some new instruments to work with, so I definitely plan to compose a true orchestra piece in early 2011 which should be dark and dramatic.

Best of luck to everyone this holiday. Have fun, stay save, and as always -- REVIEW MY SONGS! lmfao I'll always return the favor.
God Bless. <3

--Christian, The Silent Rapture.


Loving the Attention

2010-12-11 17:20:04 by ShatterTheSky22

I've been around the site more, leaving reviews and such and started participating in the forums for the first time.
It's been actually helping--I've gotten 4 reviews in 2 days, which has never happened before.
At first I was worried about how it would affect y scores, perhaps bring negative attention to them, but it seems to be doing much more good than expected.

Thanks to everyone who has been listening and commenting anywhere, you have my extended thanks.
Making music is fun but it's just not the same when it's unshared. Glad that it's making its way around to new ears. ^__^

[Christian, TSR Audio]

Oath to Order!

2010-12-03 06:37:27 by ShatterTheSky22

Yes, we do have some order! I've figured out what I'm doing.

I'm using my Newgrounds account as a home for my instrumentals.
I'm using my Youtube account as a home for songs with vocals.

^____^ Even though NG stresses me out sometimes with the fact that nobody reviews anymore and i get the occasional ZERO BOMB for no reason (I know my songs might not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's nothing so shittily made it deserves a zero. -_-)

But I enjoy it here. Something about it keeps me coming back, and it's not just the hentai games.

Sometimes I'm lazy

2010-09-16 00:35:57 by ShatterTheSky22

So I'll put my music here as well too. I realize nobody is really listening anymore so this is more of a "doing it for me" kind of thing. I'm pleased with my current level of composition skill and I also wish to improve so not getting plays no longer bothers me. Still, if you enjoy, that doesn't mean i wouldnt like to know. please. <3

New Youtube Channel

2010-01-14 14:27:21 by ShatterTheSky22

The Silent Rapture Youtube Channel

If you liked anything you heard from my solo project The Silent Rapture on Newgrounds, please check the new channel. All future music will be posted to youtube. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on Newgrounds, I intend to leave up all of these songs for free download in appreciation.

Happy New Year everyone. ^___^

I hope this year is really my year for this music thing. I'm looking for that recognition that seems so elusive. I think I have some really cool new ideas in store, a lot of genre blends and I think the list of songs I keep on Newgrounds is a diverse display of some of my abilities. Featured artist? Best of the week? I'll keep trying. Ive been feeling very Neo-Classical lately, thus the two last pieces. But Im not done rapping either, and I'm gonna take a stab at rock again soon, tho I have no idea how heavy yet.
Just stick around and I'll make it interesting.

Best wishes for everyone.